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1 A Study on Congenital Malformations in Fetuses of Mothers with Consanguineous Marriages

Author: Mallela Padmavathi DOI No.
2 Accessory Extensor Indicis: A Case Report with Its Clinical Significance

Author: 1Dr. Kamal Singh (Author)*, 2Dr. Jyoti Rohilla (Co-Author) **,3Dr. Aarti Rohilla (Co-Author)*, 4Dr. Suresh Kanta Rathee (Co-Author)* DOI No.
3 Acid Base Balance Alterations during Transperitoneal and Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Urologic Surgeries.

Author: 1Shah Rajkiran B., 2Nama Rajnish, 3Butala Beena P., 4Parikh Geeta P. DOI No.
4 Assessment of Archwidth Changes in Extraction and Non Extraction Patients

Author: 1Dr. Rajeev Lal,2Dr. Ankita Jaiswal,3Dr. Ruchit Thakar,4Dr. Lata Kiran Mehta,5Dr. Abhimanyu Rohmetra,6Dr. Dhananjay Rathod DOI No.
5 Assessment of current status of e-pharmacies

Author: Dr Prajakta T Kolhe1, Dr M.L. Pardeshi*2, Dr S.Y.Wankhede3, Dr B.B. Ghongane4 DOI No.
6 Assessment of Dental Health Services in Government Hospitals of Dharwad District

Author: 1Dr. Renuka G. Nagrale, 2Dr. Purva Gandhi,3Dr. Mallika Dhamankar,4Dr. Sheetal Ganesan, 5Dr. Krittika.S.Mahajan, 6Dr. Emaad-Ud-Din Malik DOI No.
7 Attenuation of hemodynamic response during laryngoscopy & Endo tracheal intubation comparison between Thiopentone alone and with Dexmedetomidine: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Author: 1Dr. Debasish Swain, 2Dr. D. Gopal Krishna Panda DOI No.
8 Bacteriological Study of Different Water Sources during Outbreaks of Diarrhoea in Ganjam District, Odisha

Author: Dr Indrani Mohanty, Dr Susmita Kumari Sahu*, Dr Abhishek Padhi, Dr Banojini Parida DOI No.
9 Better Post Operative Caudal Analgesia With Tramadol Versus Clonidine Added To 0.25% Bupivacaine In Paedeatric Lower Abdominal Surgeries: A Prospective, Randomosed, Double Blind Clinical Study.

Author: 1Dr. Arjun Prasad, 2Dr. Niranjan Kumar Verma,3Dr. Veena Horo,4Dr. Kumar Shailesh DOI No.
10 Classification of Connective Tissue Stains

Author: Dr. Kalpajyoti Bhattacharjee, Dr. Shashwati Paul DOI No.
11 Clinical Profile and Role of VEGF-C (+936c/T) Polymorphism in Prognosis and Management of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author: 1Dr. G. D. Yadav, 2Dr. Anju Yadav ,3Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, 4Dr. Shashwat Tiwari, 5Dr. Amulya Singh DOI No.
12 Community Acquired Multi Drug Resistant Pneumonia Due To Acinetobacter Baumannii Infection – A Case Report.

Author: Dr Arjun Patel1 Dr Padmini P giri2 Dr Tejaswi Manubolu3, Dr Chenna Keshava BG4 DOI No.
13 Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis-An Autopsy Study

Author: 1Dr. Bharti Devi Thaker,2Dr. Mandeep Randhawa, 3Dr. Subhash Bhardwaj DOI No.
14 Correlation of Electrocardiography with Echocardiography of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Patients with Systemic Arterial Hypertension

Author: Tejinder Talwar1, Brijesh Kumar Thakran2,P D Gupta3, Munish Gupta4 DOI No.
15 Effects of Three Desensitizing Agents and Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser on Dentinal Tubule Occlusion: An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Fatma Sag Gungor , 2Said Karabekiroglu,3Nimet Unlu DOI No.
16 Evaluation of Hepatic Enzymes in Uncomplicated Alcohol Withdrawal State and Alcohol Withdrawal State with Convulsions – A Comparative Study

Author: Dr. Abhilekh Das 1, Dr. Lakshimi Borgohain2 DOI No.
17 Fiber Rein-Forced Adhesive Bridge with Natural Tooth Pontic: A Case Report

Author: Fatma Sag Gungor DOI No.
18 Infected Orthopaedic Implants And Infectious Agents: MRSA Frequency And Infection Patterns, In A Tertiary Care Centre In Central Kerala.

Author: 1Dr. Renjini Joseph, 2Dr. Reena John, 3Dr. Prithi Nair K. DOI No.
19 Molecular Docking Studies on a Series of Benzothiazepines as a New Class of Nucleoside Reverse transcriptase Inhibitors

Author: Chaluvadi Jaswanth Kumar1*, Venkata Rao Vutla1, Vasundhara Bandlamudi1, Manjusha Borra1 DOI No.
20 Mycological Profile Of Pulmonary TB-HIV Co-Infected Patients With A Relationship To CD4 Count Levels In A Tertiary Care Hospital of Southern Odisha, India.

Author: 1Dr. Bimoch Projna Paty, 2Dr. Abhishek Padhi*,3Dr. Banojini Parida, 4Dr. Sanghamitra Padhi, 5Dr. Priyanka Das, 6Dr. Preet Priyadarshini DOI No.
21 Nodular Hidradenoma- An Uncommon Diagnosis on Cytology

Author: 1Priyanka Anand,2Namrata Sarin DOI No.
22 Non-Albicans Candida Infection: an Emerging Threat

Author: Preeti Kumari Sharma 1, 2, Shashi Sudhan1, Monika Sharma1, Divya Shrivastava2 DOI No.
23 Prescribing Pattern in Paediatric In-Patient Department with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection at Atertiary Care Teaching Hospital.

Author: *Dr. Akhila James1, Dr. Jose John2 DOI No.
24 Role of B-Mode, Doppler Ultrasonograghy and Spectral Wave Analysis in Differentiating Benign From Malignant Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Masses

Author: Ashok Verma1, Rahul Chavhan2, N C Yadav3, Rajlakshmi Yadav4 DOI No.
25 Study of Blood Hematocrit and Platelet Aggregation in RVO

Author: 1Dr. Samreen Rafique Shaikh, 2Dr. Pooja Nitin Joshi DOI No.
26 Study of Ligature Mark Patterns in Hanging Cases: An Original Research Article

Author: 1Dr. Vivek Rawat, 1Dr. Chetan Samra,2Dr. V.R Patil, 3*Dr. Naveen K. Simatwal DOI No.
27 The Study of Association of Urogenital Infections as a Risk Factor for Spontaneous Preterm Labour

Author: 1Dr.M.S.Sornam, 2Dr.N.Agila Raththi, 3S.Padmanaban DOI No.
28 Utilization of Antimicrobial Agents Used For Surgical Prophylaxis in Consideration with Co-morbidities in Patients Undergoing Surgeries

Author: Dr Mahendra M Gaikwad1, Dr Sangeeta S Dabhade*2, Dr Balasaheb B Ghongane3 DOI No.

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