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1 A Comparative Evaluation Of Serum Lipid Profile And Uric Acid Levels In Chronic And Aggressive Periodontitis Patients Before And After Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy .

Author: Dr. P. Aravind Kumar ,Dr. Meher Keerthi V*,Dr. M. Narendra , P.Indeevar, Reader : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2552
2 A Rare Presentation of Pancytopenia with Hemophagocytosis Lyphohistiocytosis: T cell/ Histiocyte Rich Large B cell Lymphoma – a Case Report

Author: Mathi Manoj Kumar R 1, Subramaniam J R 2, Prabu P 3 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2548
3 Adnexal Torsion in Post-Menopausal Women: An Even More Challenging Diagnosis

Author: Soraia S. Cunha*1, Rosalia S. Coutada 1, Ana R. Neiva 1, Elisabete S. Gonçalves 2 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2547
4 An evaluation of the sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value of CB-NAAT testing in the diagnosis of Tuberculous Pleural Effusion

Author: Dr. Pankaj M Gholap, Dr. Sushant H Meshram,Dr. Amit Kalne,Dr. Prashant Shinde : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2531
5 Anxiety and Depression and Quality of Life in Young Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy Treatment and Their Caregivers

Author: 1Feryal KARACA, 2Serkan AKBULUT,3Selahattin MENTES,4Yasar SERTDEMIR,5Basak BASBAYRAKTAR,6Bulent CETIN : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2538
6 Assesment of Normal Mouth Opening in an Adult Anatolian Population

Author: Esin Ozsahin1, Neslihan Boyan2, Can Pelin3, Hüseyin Erdem2, Ozkan Oguz2 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2530
7 Assessment of Mast Cell Density in primary CNS tumor in relation to the type and grade of tumor: A hospital-based study in Eastern India

Author: Roy Chowdhury Dr. Anadi1, Sarkar Dr. Malay2, Das Dr. Tushar Kanti 3, Haldar Dr. Biparnak2 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2558
8 Clinical Study of Facial Nerve Palsy

Author: Dr. Gaurav Parashar : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2521
9 Comparative Evaluation of Serum Ceruloplasmin Levels in Chronic Periodontitis Patients with and Without Diabetes Before and After Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Author: 1Dr. P. Aravind Kumar, 2Dr. Divya Kadali, 3Dr. M. Narendra, 4Dr. P.Indeevar,5Dr. K. Ravi Raj : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2557
10 Comparative Evaluation Of Serum Troponin Levels In Patients With Chronic Generelised Periodontitis And Chronic Generalised Gingivitis Before And After Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy- A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trail.

Author: 1Dr. P. Aravind Kumar , 2Dr. Tejaswi Kodem*, 3Dr. M.Narendra , 4P.Indeevar, 5 K. Ravi Raj : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2556
11 Comparative Study of Intrathecal Isobaric 0.5% Bupivacaine and Isobaric 0.75% Ropivacaine for Lower Abdominal and Lower Limb Surgeries.

Author: Dr. Dinesh Lalwani, Dr. S.S. lawahale,Dr Lalit Jadhav, Dr. Sneha Nikam : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2541
12 Comparison of outcome of scleral buckling(SB) versus pars plana vitrectomy(PPV) in cases of single break primary retinal detachment at a large tertiary centre of India

Author: Dr.Somesh Aggarwal*, Dr Paras khatwani**, Dr Tanvi Choudhary***,Dr Deepesh chhablani****, Dr Uma Gajiwala*****, Dr Anindita Duttaroy****** : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2553
13 Correlation of Histological Tumour Grade and Harmonal Receptor Status In Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Breast- A Referral Centre Study

Author: Shiv Pankaj Khanna, MD1, Rigvardhan, MD2 , Deepti, PhD1,2, Nikhilesh Kumar3 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2544
14 Cultural Factors and Decision Making Process on the Choice and Uptake of Contraceptive Among Women in Sokoto state, Nigeria

Author: Aliyu Sokoto Sabo1, Lawali Yakubu2 ,Nura Sambo Danchadi3, Suleman Maru Abdulrahman2, Alhaji Adamu4 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2529
15 Determination of Association between Osteoarthritis and Patellar Morphology on Knee Radiographs

Author: Esin Ozsahin1,Selda Bagis2, Neslihan Boyan3,Emine Kizilkanat3,Can Pelin4,Roger Soames5,Ozkan Oguz3 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2536
16 Echogenic Fetal Bowel as Indication for Prenatal Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

Author: Pritti K. Priya , Vineet V Mishra, Janak Desai, Priyankur Roy : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2546
17 Effect of Poly-Herbal Formulation In Management Of Type-Ii Diabetes Mellitus

Author: 1Sachin G. Khedikar,2Mukund P. Erande : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2555
18 Effect of the Degree of Conversion of Composite Resins on Their Color Stability, Hardness, Flexural Strength and Flexural Modulus at Different Storage Time in Artificial Saliva

Author: Dr. Roopali Warade, Dr. Abhay Kamra, Dr. Sadashiv Daokar : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2532
19 Effectiveness of Case Based Learning over Conventional method of teaching among undergraduate medical students.

Author: Anusha Vohra,Rajaat Vohra : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2543
20 Effects of Lactic Acid produced by lactic acid bacteria on Prodigiosin Production from Streptomyces coelicolor

Author: Thu Tran, Tu Nguyen* : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2542
21 Exploration of Basic Concepts of the Ayurvedic Dietetic

Author: Amol M. Deshpande , Dr.Mayuri C. Bawane : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2545
22 Frequency of Periodontitis and Gingivitis in Pregnancy: A Comparative Study between First and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy.

Author: Dr. Shristhi Sharma Dixit, Dr. Anant Raghav Sharma, Dr. Rajrani Sharma, Dr. Prajakta B. Patil,Dr.Rashmi Heralgi, Dr.P.Nagarjuna : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2534
23 Giant Cystic Chondrosarcoma of Femur: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Sumiti Gupta1, Dr. Niti Dalal2, Dr. Shivani2, Dr. Sunita Singh3, Dr. Rajeev Sen4 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2537
24 Hindrance to the delivery in the hospital: perspective of women in Zaria metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Author: Lawali Yakubu1, Aliyu Sokoto Sabo2 , Nura Sambo Danchadi3,Abdurrahman Muhammad Sani1, Alhaji Adamu4 , Abdul Ganiyu Fuseini5 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2528
25 Intracranial Brain Abscess- An Istituitional Experience In A Tertiary Care Set Up.

Author: Dr.P.K Swarnakar , Dr R. N. Panda, Dr. Deepak Bansal, Dr M K Dhir, Dr S. Mishra : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2526
26 Intrahepatic Cholestatsis of Pregnancy: A Rare Outcome

Author: Dr. Aakansha Sinha, Dr Anish John, Dr.Santosh Hazare : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2549
27 Left Sided Hydropneumothorax As An Initial Manifestation Of Ca Stomach In A Young Male: Case Report

Author: Dr. Aakansha Sinha , Dr Anish John, Dr. Vardaraj Gokak : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2551
28 Management of Siraj Granthi (varicose vein) through Ayurveda

Author: Dr.Punam Sawarkar, Dr.Gaurav Sawarkar : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2540
29 Milk powder as a desensitizing agent for dentinal hypersensitivity: A randomized controlled trial

Author: Dr. Prasad Sonar ,Dr. Swapna Mahale,Dr. Ayushya Warang,Dr. Lavanya Kalekar : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2550
30 Modeling Integrated Vector Management of Zika Virus in Harris County and the City of Houston, Texas

Author: Thomas M. Kollars, Jr.1*, Martin Reyna2, Christopher Fredregill2, Umair A Shah3, Mustapha Debboun2 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2554
31 Perioperative Systemic Lidocaine for Postoperative Analgesia and Recovery after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials

Author: Akhigbe T, Hraishawi I , Mohammed A, Khan S, Zubaidi A, Lawal O, Saadi F, Chang M, Meer JA : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2539
32 Pregnancy Complicated By Chronic Liver Disease

Author: Dr.Atmajit Sing Dhillon, Dr. Karminder Dhillon : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2527
33 Reduced Vitamin D levels are associated with oxidative stress and inflammation in type 2 diabetes.

Author: B J Pradeep Kumar 1, Sudhir Modala2*, Deepak Kumar Das 3 : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2535
34 Study of Histopathological Changes in Kidney of Male Wistar Rats after Contrast Induction

Author: Dr. Shobha Mohammed1, Dr. Mujahid Mohammed*2 : Digital No. /10.15028/ijmsir/v3i5. 2522
35 Study the Corelation of Vrikkautpatti in Ayurveda with Special Reference to Chronic Renal Failure

Author: 1Dr. Yogesh V. Bhoyar, 2Dr. Sachin G. Khedikar : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2533
36 The Study of Facial Nerve Palsy Cause and Managements

Author: Dr. Gaurav Parashar : Digital No. /10.15028/ijmsir/v3i5. 2523
37 Unsolved mystery of amplifier host as a cause of Japanese Encephalitis in Acute Encephalitis Syndrome cases: Need to implement testing protocol including simultaneous testing of viral RNA, viral IgG and IgM antibodies in the amplifier host sera.

Author: Dr. Nidhi Prasad : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2524
38 “Paracentral Hitches “A Novel Technique to Avoid Drastic Complication like Post Cranioplasty Extradural Hematoma”

Author: Dr. Deepak Bansal, Dr R. N. Panda, Dr.P.K Swarnakar, Prof Dr S Mishra, Prof Dr MK Dhir : Digital No. /10.32553/ijmsir/v3i5. 2525

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